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Elizabeth Concannon

           I am a St. Louis-born artist, whose interest in art began with childhood drawings. Self-taught for the most part, I have also studied with several nationally-known artists in the United States in addition to some college class work in St. Louis.
Usually I paint in watermedia on paper and frequently include collage material to complete the images — consisting principally of my own prepainted and handmade papers.
Most of my recent work is semi-abstract and based on landscape forms. Because I love both nature and modern technology, I find it natural to combine small bits of nature with geometric forms to express my awe, my delight and particularly my hope for successful integration of all creation. Each work, then, contains a mystery about time and space and the human condition.
For me, each painting contains a mystery about time or events or, occasionally, about a philosophical question. One recent one was formed around the question, “Wouldn’t it be great if ‘global warming’ meant the beginning of world peace?”



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