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Dana Brown

Making art has always been central to my life. As I approached adulthood I was determined to remain an artist but wasn’t sure what that really meant or how to go about it.
In my late 20’s I found the focus to settle down to one medium. I took a watercolor course and immediately knew this was it. The technique fascinates me, the difficulty challenges me, but most importantly, I feel that watercolor works well with my personality. It takes advantage of my strengths and makes it difficult to ignore my weaknesses. It doesn’t let me relax. In explanation, let me say that watercolor requires a delicate balance of careful planning and spontaneity. As an artist, I enjoy drawing and carefully planning a painting. However, letting go and allowing this medium to speak is important as well. It can do wonderful things all by itself. This is where the balance comes in and the challenge of relinquishing control – a lesson that applies to other areas of my life as well. I show my work through juried exhibitions, galleries, and art festivals. This requires a lot of traveling but I enjoy every minute of it. Seeing new places leads to new painting ideas and has been an enriching and empowering experience.


Dana Brown

Huntsville, AL 35802

(256) 526-9731

Email:    DanaBr@bellsouth.net
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