Experimental Water Media

Marie Cummings

4466 County Highway 14
Treadwell, NY 13846

Supply List

Golden (or other brands) Fluid Acrylics:

Phthalo Turquoise
Quinacridone Crimson
Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold
These colors mix together, making a rainbow of colors. If you prefer other pigments
choose any Golden primary combination

Paints, Paint, Paper

Watercolors, primaries and burnt sienna
Acrylic Gesso, white and black
Acrylic Gel Medium, med. weight is good or bring what you have.
Watercolor paper, at least 140#, hot press
Tissue paper and or rice paper
Watercolor crayons or pencils, pastels, (what ever you have available)
Gloss Medium and varnish (Liquitex)

General Supplies

Alcohol, 70% or higher works best, spray bottle.
Cheap brushes for acrylics and mediums
Plastic wrap and various weights of plastic
Aluminum wrap
Contact paper.
Water containers
Paper towels
Blue painters tape or artist tape
Board to use for support
2 spray bottles, for alcohol and water
Pencil and eraser, scissors, exacto knife
Working mat
Scrapers, rubber stamps, stencils, personal symbols
Reference pictures
Artist painted Collage papers
Unfinished paintings, to rework or use for collage background.