Watercolor Society of Alabama

Promoting and Supporting Watermedia Since 1939


Why volunteers are needed:

Volunteers are the backbone of any non-profit organization (not only in the arts) but think about hospitals, meals on wheels, military forces, and other tasks society as whole depends on. Volunteers are the keepers of many talents who share those talents with many others.

Volunteers enhance the way a community functions. Our community, known as WSA, has no paid workers. WSA would not function at all without volunteers, it would be non-existent.

In our case, 310 wonderful artists would not be able to share in exciting art endeavors without the volunteers who make it all come together. Alabama Watercolor Society would not exist without volunteer expertise because volunteers take care of the exhibitions, make sure that each piece of art work is handled with care; volunteers help with receiving and unpacking art work that has been shipped; the membership records need to be accurately kept; the notifications of meetings need to be sent; the websites need to be updated and kept alive; the information for the newsletters needs to be collected, edited and publicized; award merchandise and dollars need to be secured for artist excellence; the certificates and awards need to be prepared for presentation; the occasional letters of condolence to the family of a long time member need to be written and sent; the meetings need to be pleasant and food needs to be supplied; the minutes of board and annual meetings need to be written and filed, and volunteers are sought for our organization leaders

Did you know that the dollar worth for volunteer work in this country is: 162 billion?

You get the idea: Without volunteers non-profit organizations such as ours could not function. The Watercolor Society of Alabama as well as other societies could not possibly pay each volunteer for the time they spend and what they do.

Please volunteer, we need you. Our plea to you is to share your talent.  WSA has devoted 73 years to the artist community; can you find a few hours to give back to WSA so we can continue our endeavors?  You might think you don’t have any volunteer talent; you will be so surprised.  Just ask how you can help; the little things take time as well as the masterfull tasks.   You will be pleased you volunteered.

Last but not least: Many thanks to all of the volunteers who keep the Watercolor Society of Alabama going and have kept it going for many years.

Contact:    Jaceena Shepard at  jaeshep@aol.com

Please consider volunteering to serve WSA this coming year.   

We need a President Elect to help our President and an Awards Chairman to write letters to sponsors for the National Exhibition in 2014 in Decatur, AL.  

We also need members to serve as Regional Representatives in your area of the State.  Please Contact:  Jaceena Shepard at jaeshep@aol.com

Thanks in advance.