WSA would not exist without volunteers. We could not accomplish our mission of promoting the art of water media painting throughout the United States. As with any non-profit organization, volunteers are the foundation of the Watercolor Society of Alabama. There are many ways you can contribute in maintaining the excellence of WSA.

  • WSA sponsors two juried competitions each year, a national exhibition and a state members showcase. The exhibition directors are always in need of volunteers.
  • In concert with the exhibitions, WSA sponsors two workshops by nationally and internationally known instructors. Volunteers are needed to successfully conduct these prestigious events.
  • Organizing workshops and other programs provides opportunities for members to improve their skills.
  • Assistance with publicity to get the word out about events and providing copy to the press afterwards is an ongoing need.
  • All exhibitions include awards for the winners. In particular, the National Exhibition provides significant awards. Contacting WSA members and patron/donors each year takes time and sharing the duties makes the task easier for all.
  • You can organize refreshments at our Opening Receptions and Award Ceremonies.
  • We produce four newsletters a year and assistance with editing and production as well as taking photos of events to include in the newsletter are always welcome.
  • All board members are volunteers. We have directors at-large positions to help you learn board activities and responsibilities.

Some Reasons to Volunteer

  • You make a difference. Every person counts!
  • You get a chance to give back. People enjoy supporting the resources that they use themselves or that benefit others they care about.
  • You learn a lot. Some volunteers discover hidden talents that promote personal and professional growth.
  • You forge new friendships while building camaraderie and teamwork.
  • It’s fun!

Please let us know how you would like to help by completing the form below. If you have questions, please contact WSA President.