Letter from WSA Past President
William C. Morris


I want to make you aware of some issues regarding the WSA 73rd annual competition this year. WSA  regrets that several paintings were found to be in violation of the rules set forth in the prospectus.

To  assure adherence to the Prospectus’ requirements in future competitions, WSA  has put in place a Screening Committee to review all art (digital images and delivered work). This will be a two-step process:

1. Review digital submissions to assure the painting image meets the Prospectus requirements prior to Juror Selection.

2. Review actual painting to assure the Prospectus has been followed regarding “aqueous” application, supports, framing, etc. before hanging.

The WSA Screening Committee’s decisions will be final. WSA is fortunate and proud to have talented members in watercolor painting excellence. We want to be fair and just to all members and maintain the integrity of a national watercolor society. Therefore, the Screening Committee will review all entries against the WSA Prospectus.

Please read carefully:

  • Entries must be original, executed within TWO years, and NOT PREVIOUSLY JURIED INTO ANY WSA EXHIBITION.
  • Eligible paintings are limited to water-soluble media used in an AQUEOUS, WATERCOLOR MANNER.

Delivered works that do not pass final screening will be disqualified and returned at artist’s expense. Submitting a work of art to a WSA exhibition shall constitute an agreement on the part of the artist to comply fully with the conditions and terms set forth in this Prospectus as well as in the Acceptance Form.


  • Watercolor, acrylic, casein, gouache, egg tempera, metallic, ink, watercolor pencil and watercolor crayon.
  • Watercolor paper, watercolor or illustration board, Yupo or other synthetic papers.
  • Collage items: original work composed and painted by the artist on one or a combination of watercolor paper, white rice paper without inclusions, white tissue paper, Yupo or other synthetic papers.


  • Textured mediums, textured applications (e.g., with pallet knife,applied textured papers or gesso).
  • Raised paint.
  • Diptychs or triptychs unless in a common frame.
  • Pastels, class or workshop paintings, copies, computer generated art, digital images, prints or reproductions.
  • Copies or likeness of another’s work (i.e. painting, drawing, photograph, digital image or print).
  • Artwork derived from any published source is not acceptable.
  • Varnished or waxed paintings
  • Canvas supports


  • Minimum image size: 140 square inches (multiply height x width; e.g. 10” x 14”)
  • Maximum frame size: 48” in any direction
  • Maximum frame width: 3 inches
  • Wood frame: simple/smooth wood tones (w/o carved ornamentation)
  • Metal frame: gold, silver or black (without decorative corners)
  • Light enough to be handled by one person
  • Plexiglas plastic glazing only
  • Wire must have taped ends or plastic coating, ready to hang and support the strength of the painting
  • Mats (inner and outer) if used, must be light neutral tones (e.g. white, off-white, light grey)
  • Wood Liners, if used, must be wood tone, white, gold, or silver


  • Glass
  • Non-glare Plexiglas glazing
  • Frayed wire ends
  • Colored mats/liners (other than light neutral tones as specified above)
  • Saw tooth hangers
  • Smudged, dirty mats

Please print these instructions for your future use when entering WSA’s Exhibitions. WSA wants to emphasize the importance of reading and adhering to the Exhibition Prospectus carefully.

June 11, 2014