Signature Membership in the Watercolor Society of Alabama is determined by the following point system: 

Levels of Membership

Points Earned

Point Requirements




Associate 1


Accepted to one Alabama Members Showcase*

Associate 2


Accepted to two Alabama Members Showcases*




1 1/2

A member automatically becomes a Juried Member when accepted for a WSA National Exhibition and is awarded one point. 

OR by being juried into three Alabama Members Showcases.  (1 1/2 points total.)*




This membership is awarded to Juried Members who earn 3 points in the following way: One point per WSA National Exhibition acceptance and half a point per Alabama Members Showcase acceptance. To become a Signature Member, a Member must earn at least one of the three required points by being accepted into a WSA National Exhibition no matter how many Alabama Members Showcase acceptances*

Signature Bronze


Must be Signature Member and earn 3 additional points above Signature status*

Signature Silver


Must be Signature Bronze Member and earn 3 additional points above Signature Bronze status*

Signature Gold


Must be Signature Silver Member and earn 3 additional points above Signature Silver status*

Signature Platinum


Must be Signature Gold Member and earn 3 additional points above Signature Gold status*

Master Artist


Must be a Signature Platinum member and earn 3 additional points above Signature Platinum status. The member must earn at least two of the 3 points required by being accepted in Two WSA National Exhibitions.  Only one point may be from Member Exhibitions(2×1/2pts). *


*At all levels above Associate, a member has to pay his/her dues every year, continuously, or that member will lose the advanced level of membership earned.
*If dues are not paid, a member may pay back dues owed and regain the membership level if he/she so desires.
*Lifetime Membership is extended to any individual over 55 years of age and has been a continuous paid member for the preceding 5 years on a one-time basis fee of $500.
*No extra points are given for receiving awards.
*No points are received for any Online Exhibitions