Watercolor Society of Alabama

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2015 Alabama Member Showcase

The Watercolor Society of Alabama Presents the

Annual Alabama Members’ Showcase Exhibit 2015
Birmingham Public Library
2100 park Place, Birmingham, Alabama 35203
4th Floor Gallery


(Exhibition images will be posted here after judging.)  Prospectus

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Selection Juror:   Jean Warren, Bodega Bay, CA

 Thank you for the honor of jurying your 2015 Watercolor Society of Alabama Members Showcase paintings! After many hours looking at them on several computer monitors, I projected them on the large screen TV so I could see the full depth of color and mood.

I looked for paintings where there was a dominance of mood. The design or organization of the pictorial space helps to tell the ‘why’ it was painted. Every shape is important, the positive shapes (the things) as well as the negative shapes (background or the non-things). They fit together and support each other.  They all interconnect to tell the viewer the painting’s ‘story’. This rhythmic, fluid design brings the viewer into the picture. So I looked to see what the painting was about, and then I asked- tell me more, so that each time I looked I could see something more.

I looked for color in the darks. In nature, there is more color in the shadows than in the sun bleached areas.

Some paintings had strong values; others had high-key color to reflect the mood.

I tried to feel whether the artist may have discovered something new for the first time. Those intuitive marks give a freshness to our watercolors. I looked for original viewpoints or perspectives, paintings that were interesting, intriguing, and not clichés.

We are all unique and see the world differently. What a thrill it was to see these creative pieces.

I hope this has helped those of you who did not get a painting in the show. Be bold, tell/show me what your subject is doing and why. Take risks. Use color. Above all, have fun and enjoy the process of painting in watercolor.

Jean Warren



Awards Juror:  Don Taylor, Panama City, FL