Heike Covell

Heike Covell

Artist Statement

Watercolor/water media is my medium of choice. I alternate between representational and abstract subject matters. It helps me not to become stagnant and motivates me to employ different colors and techniques. Occasionally I also work with acrylic on paper and canvas.


Heike has painted in watercolor/water media for many years. She has taken various workshops in watercolor as well as acrylic and ink. She lives in Huntsville, AL with her husband. Heike regularly exhibits as an active member of the Huntsville Art League.

Heike joined The Committee, a group of ten woman artists several years ago. Each artist offers a unique and individual view into different mediums and techniques. The group occasionally has themed exhibitions in or around Huntsville, AL. Also belong to a Figure Drawing Group that meets once a week.

Heike is a Signature Platininum Member of the Watercolor Society of Alabama. Her paintings have been juried into numerous statewide and national exhibitions. She was awarded the M. Graham Professional Watercolor Award for her painting “Squared Away” during the 70th Annual National Watercolor Society of Alabama Exhibition. She volunteers as WSA Membership Chair since 2009. In 2016 one of her paintings was accepted into the juried 46th Annual International Exhibition of the Louisiana Watercolor Society.

Memberships currently with:

WSA, National Watercolor Society, American Watercolor Society, Georgia Watercolor Society, and Louisiana Watercolor Society, Huntsville Art League

Members’ Gallery at watercolorsocietyofal.org and Artists’ Gallery at huntsvilleartleague.org.

Email: stuttgart80@knology.net