If you prefer, you may click here to download and print these instructions.

How to Manage your Gallery

Essentially there are 2 pages you work with to establish your member gallery page.

The first page is your work page after you click on Update my Profile and if you click on the second page View my Gallery shows your gallery page after you uploaded your photo, bio, and images. You can always go back to Update my Profile and change, delete, or upload anything you wish.

  1. Log in to the Member Gallery with your e-mail address and the password you were sent via email.
  2. Confirm your password.

IMPORTANT:  Write down your password. If you lose it, we will not be able to retrieve it for you, and you will need to click on the “Forgot Password” link. This will send you an email with a link to re-set your password.

  1. Then look to the box on the right side and click on

Update my profile

Fill out the fields, name, address, etc. – The fields are optional

Please note: Your Street Address and Phone Number will never appear on the website. This is only for WSA’s internal information. Your Website and Bio will ONLY appear on your Gallery page, if you chose to create one.

  1. Your Bio You need to copy and paste your text into the bio box, i.e., copy from your word document because the software does not upload a word document. Bring your cursor into the box click and paste. You can enlarge the bio box by grabbing the lower right corner and you can edit your text any time. Note: If you would like to have a direct link to your personal website, please list your website address www. (your web address) in your biography and ask the viewer to go to your link to see more of your work. To view your entire bio, go to View My Gallery
  2. Your Photo: The size, etc. is also listed where your photo should go.

Image must be either in jpg., jpeg., or .png, at between 150px and 400px in either direction.

(It also shows those directions on the page but doesn’t do you much good unless you have resized your photo before you upload it.)

  1. Go to upper left corner where it reads: Upload Files in blue, click on it, then click Select file in middle of page, which takes you to your files in your own computer, select the photo you want to upload and click save. Your photo will be uploaded to your page.

Click Select on lower right. Done.

  1. Your Gallery  

Note: Images must be jpeg (or it names the others) and no larger than 600px in either dimension and 72dpi for the Resolution. Save your images with the title you want viewers to see when they hover the cursor over your images of your gallery page. It is helpful if you have resized your images before you upload.

To upload your painting images from your computer, go to the upper left corner and click on Upload Files, your computer files appear on a box to your left and you go to where you store your painting images and select the paining images you want and save. (You can select several images by holding down the Ctrl and Alt keys, not sure if that works the same with your MAC.) Otherwise just chose one image, it will be uploaded, then click Select in lower right corner.

Your images will show side by side as you upload them. Your will also notice a check mark on the upper right of your images and below the check mark you may deselect the image, if you wish. After you have uploaded your images into your Gallery you may also move them around manually with help of the cursor via your mouse.

There is also a box that reads: Bulk actions with the following choices: Sort by date uploaded, Sort by date modified, Sort by title, Reverse current order, then click select on the lower right, then click Update.

  1. If you scroll up to the beginning, you can click on View my Gallery to see if everything you have done up to that point worked. It should show your photo, statement and or bio, and your images.


Don’t forget to Log Out (scroll up and it is below Reset your password) on the right side of the page.

Let’s say you only uploaded 8 images the first time around, you go back to Update My Profile you scroll down to Gallery click on Add to gallery and again you will see Upload Files in the left corner upper corner, then click on Select Files, takes you to your computer files, select your image, save it and it is automatically uploaded to your Gallery and your image pops up also on the right side in a “box” with the specifics and title. Then click Select on lower right corner and click Update.

The image you uploaded is now on your Gallery page. Go to View My Gallery to view your gallery page.

Log Out

If you hover your cursor above any of the paintings with your mouse, the painting title is going to show up for that painting on your gallery page for all to see.

Heike Covell