The WSA Members Gallery provides an opportunity for you to get additional online exposure and introduce yourself to other water-media artists across the country.  If you would like to have a direct link to your personal website, list your website address with your biography. This will give your viewer the opportunity to see more of your work and learn more about you.

Members who wish to participate will create and manage their own Gallery page.  Instructions on how to set up and manage your gallery are provided at the link below.  You may upload up to 10 images, edit your biography, delete and exchange images at any time. Images for your gallery page should be watercolor or water media. No nude images are permitted because WSA is a family-oriented organization.

The gallery page is available to WSA members at a cost of $30.00/year which is due on 1 October annually.  You have a grace period of 30 days after 1 October.  If your membership is current, you may Sign up below, click on the instructions provided to create and manage your beautiful Gallery!

If you need to renew your membership or would like to join WSA and enjoy your own Gallery page, plus all of the other WSA membership benefits, please click on Join/Renew Now on the right side of this page.  After membership is current, Sign up below and follow the instructions provided.

Sign up below, and then click here for instructions on how to manage your gallery.


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Note: this fee is in addition to your annual WSA membership fee, and enables you to create and display a Gallery on this site.
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