National Online Showcase ’24

February 1, 2024 ~
February 1, 2025

Apollo's Child
Kate Aubrey
First Place

Study Date
Judi Howard
Second Place

Winter Barn
Walt Costilow
Third Place

Taking Flight
Jane Fritz
Merit Award

Speckled Trout
Lisa Harrell
Merit Award

Island Library
Ronald Lewis
Merit Award

Marsha Nelson
Merit Award

Sunrise On Mobile Bay
Allen Turcotte
Merit Award

African Violet
Margie McInarnary

Three Amigos
Johnny Guthrie

Bibb Graves Bridge, Wetumpka,Al.
Marty (Marsha) Woodall

GM&O Building-A Mobile Landmark
Carol Wiggings

The Dancing Crane
Han In Huang Wong

Hello Copenhagen
Marilyn Johansen

The Pumpkin Twins
Michele Tabor Kimbrough

Copper Connections
Lynne Kroll

Homochitto River
Pio Lyons

Winter Wonderland
Rebecca McDuffie

Keeping An Eye Out
Sandra Webster

The Argonaut
Rick Parker

On Pleasure Bent
Molly Patton

White House
Rick Robertson

Richberger Cabin
Jaceena Shepard

Didn't Dodge
Mary Spellings

Returning Home
Odie Tucker

Finding Your Voice
Laura Walker

Raven's Revenge
Mitchell Delk

Aftermath Of The Rio Carnival
Dianne Adams

Refuge at Hobcaw
Victoria Alger

A Delightful Day
Lynn Amedy

Reflections of Life
Gloria Baker

Snow Tractor
Anne Barbaro

Citrus Symphony
Amy Boardman

Maureen Bodden

Dimensional Web of Steel
Marilynne Bradley

Morning Tea Time
Sharron Burns

Wils Kitty
Jeannette Carob

Water Lily Pond
Tom Dameron

Looking Back To The Future
Patricia Hahn

Perenial Perimeter
Ellen Jean Diederich

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist
Cathy Dunn

The Window at Hachioji Station
Evelyn Espinoza

Dakota Storm Chaser
Patrick Faile

Autumn On Lake Como
Mary Fountain

Behind The Grassy Dunes II
Vernon Fowlkes

Lisa Arnold Franklin

Les Pommes
Karen Frattali

Sunset In Venice
Melinda Freeman

Kansas Sunset
Victor Gilmore

Suzanne Accetta