2018 National Online Showcase

December 17, 2018 ~
February 4, 2019

Wine Glasses
Laurin McCracken
Recognition of Excellence

Lemons, Grapes, and Pitcher
Chris Krupinski
Second Place

Branzino For Two
Matthew Bird
Third Place

The Cotton Gin
Iain Stewart
Merit Award

Carol Staub
Merit Award

Rosemary Ferguson
Merit Award

White Christmas
Paul Sullivan
Merit Award

Canadian Tourist
James Brantley
Merit Award

Hiding in the Shadows
Verena Murvin

Gem of a Jeweler
Brenda Beck Fisher

Just a Matter of Taste
William McKeown

The Secret Life of Birds
Lynne Kroll

Silvester (New Year's Eve) auf Salzstrasse
William Tenney

Lemons, Grapes, and Pitcher
Chris Krupinski

Jan Ross

Forward Ho
Corky Goldman

Karen Frattali

Change of Pace
Virginia Wolfe

La Tavern
Walt Costilow

Easy Breezy
Helen K. Beacham

Communicating and Waiting
Martha Tisdale

Space and Rocket City
Caroline Wang

The Charge
Gloria Baker

Sarah Scott

Patrick Faile

Ravello Italy
Toska Courbron

RC and Moon and Pie
Marsha Chandler

Face of Vietnam
Bill Eshelman

Serene Zambezi
Shirley R. Kleppe

Forest 4
Yuri Ozaki

Only the Greek Knows
Johanna Littleton

Apricots and Seafood
Toni Elkins

Cleve Webber

All Things are Possible
MJ Montgomery

In and Out
K. M. McWhorter

Oriental Fantasy 1
Bernadette Sims

Summer Reds I
Marie Echols

Tarot or Palm
Scott Brown

Hawk Eyeing Me
Florene Galese

Ready to Pick
Pat C. Patrick

Tom Francesconi

Secrets Of Lower Antelope Canyon
Jon Commander

Pony Pool
Chuck Jones

Stargazer Lilies
Patricia Hahn

Young Woman with Cat
Suzanne Wolfe

Arlaine Morrison

South Huntsville Backyard Spring
Al Phillips

Rio Maggiore, Italy
Sophie Repolt Rogers

Fly Creek
Sondra Carlisle

Sailing Up Stream
John James

Lectora Johnson

Dancing Trees
Peggy Green Tilly