81st Annual National Exhibition 2022

April 3, 2022 ~
June 3, 2022
Jemison-Carnegie Heritage Hall Museum (HHM)
200 South Street East
Talladega AL, 35161
Selection Juror: Steve Griggs
Awards Judge: Betty Carr
Contact: 256-761-1364

Bare Ruin'd Choirs
Jackie Dorsey
Award of Excellence

Peaceful Reflections
Nancy Paden
Award of Merit

Lisa Arnold Franklin
Award of Merit

Monacle Mishap
Mary P. Spellings
Award of Merit

Walt Costilow
Signature Award

Mama Wren
Jaceena Shepard
Signature Award

Dahlia Triad
Bobbie Buckingham
Juried Award

Sandra Carpenter
Mary Nelson and Sarah Whitson Memorial Award

Lemons, Berries, And Pewter Cups
Chris Krupinski
Tommy Moorehead Memorial Award

Happy Sunflowers
Pratibha Garewal
Evelyn Daniel Anderson Memorial Award

Flamingos 3
Sandra Webster
Wayne Spradley Fine Art Award

Here Comes The Sun
Wesley Merritt
First Bank Of Alabama, Stringer, Montgomery and Montgomery Fine Art Award

Elmerdog And His '52 Willys
Steve Garst
The Jamison Carnegie Foundation and The Argus Club Fine Art Patron Award

Tarnished Rejection
Suzanne Accetta
H. Graham Davis & Valerie White, Charles Montgomery Fine Art Patron Award

The Morning Table
Keiko Yasuoka
Russell and Martha Olvera, Ed King, Anne Davis and Chris Picard Fine Arts Patron Award

Girl With A Red Umbrella
James Brantley
Cay Davis, Dr. Jimmy and Becky Davis, Martha Jordan, Sally and Bill Lawrence Fine Art Patron Award

Little Visitor
Judi Howard
Becky and Travis Griffin, Jack and Candy Edmiston, M. P. Greene, Donna and Dennis Dase, Judy and Joel Elliott, Linda and Bill M. Harrison Fine Art Patron Award

Stacie 5
Yuri Ozaki
Southern Watercolor Society, American Frame Corp, and Salis International Fine Art Patron Award

Artillery Man III
Don Taylor
Georgia Watercolor Society, Blick Art Materials, Salis International Fine Art Patron Award

The Sojourner and The Crow
Tuva Stephens
Tallahassee Watercolor Society, Blick Art Materials, Salis International Fine Art Patron Award

Bruce Little
Texas Watercolor Society, Blick Art Materials, Salis International Fine Art Patron Award

Freedom To Fly
Michele Tabor Kimbrough
Louisiana Watercolor Society, Blick Art Materials, Salis International Fine Art Patron Award

Fish Focus
Sophie Repolt Rogers
Mobile Art Association, Falcon Art Supplies, Salis International Fine Art Patron Award

Kate Aubrey
Watercolor Graphic Art Society of Mobile, Golden Artists, Salis International Fine Art Patron Award

Popular Fishing Spot
Gail Watson
HK Holbein, M. Graham Fine Art Award

Summer Sunshine
Mollie Jones
Legion Paper Corp, Jack Richeson Brushes, Hydrus Watercolors Fine Art Patron Award

Brenda Riggins

Pio Lyons

Water Lady Pads
Anne Barbero

The Explorers
Marsha Nelson

Bethel Landscape
Debra K. Scoggin-Myers

Reaching For The Sun
Arlaine Morrioson

Nine Plus Lives
Larry Michael

Princess on a Hill
Marleen Bodden

Feline Feast
Rick Robertson

Judy Baggett

Kathy Sheppard

Mosque Toppers In Indonesia
Dianne Adams

A Visit From Mom
Susan Stuller

Bucket List
Viviane Van Giesen

Two Faces Of Eve
Kathryn Vaughn

Celebration Of Life
Cleve Webber

The Flying Pigeons
Han In Huang Wong

Cadillac Square Dauphin Island, AL
Karen Young

Which Way
Lectora (Tora) Johnson

Xi Guo

Shape Shifter
Karin Murray

Ann Pember

The Charleston Door
Patrick Faile

Firebird: Phoenix Rising
Hannah Brown

Scott Brown

Hammock Time
Helen K. Beacham

Lily White
Sharron Burns

Sondra Carlisle

Just Hanging Around
Heike Covell

Childs Play
Antonio Darden

Barbara O'Neal Davis

Up In Smoke
Nancy Murphree Davis

City Harbor
Marilynne Bradley

Leslie Dunlap

Bass Rhythm
Kathleen Durdin

Mettnau Park
Martina Dyer

Spring In The Park
Patricia Eldridge

Apalachicola Creekside
William McKeown

Old Salt
Mary Fountain

Jane Fritz

Exodus 1
Lyn Gill

Seek And Find
Johnny Guthrie

After The Storm
Jack Hasson

Work Begins
Jim Henderson

Resting Place II
Anne Hightower-Patterson

John James

Kie Johnson

Paris Bridge
Ron Lewis

About A Half Mile Off Sunnyslope
Tom Linden

Shades Of The Past- Mexico
Gwendolyn Bragg

Rosemallow Escape
Jan Matthews

Go That Way
Rebecca McDuffie