78th Annual National Exhibition

June 2, 2019 ~
August 2, 2019
Alabama Center for the Arts (ACA)
133 Second Ave NE
Decatur AL, 35601
Selection Juror: Laurin McCracken
Awards Judge: Keiko Tanabe
Contact: 256.260.4293

Been There
Kate Aubrey
Award Of Excellence

Spring River
Z. L. Feng
Board of Directors' Award

Layered Conversation
Melinda M. Mathews
Jaceena Shepard Exemplary Service Award

Suzanne Accetta
WSA Merit Award

Angel Dance
Deborah (Deb) Garst
WSA Merit Award

Light Reading
Anne Hightower-Patterson
WSA Merit Award

Red Onions and Garlic
Chris Krupinski
WSA Signature Member Award

Dying to Live
Barbara Rettig
WSA Signature Member Award

Below The Dam
Joyce Lowery
WSA Signature Member Award

At the Docks
E. Jane Stoddard
WSA Signature Member Award

Patrician Woods
Norma Herring
WSA Juried Member Award

Mother Mary Comes To Me
Helen K. Beacham
WSA Juried Member Award

Welcome to Nevis
Lectora (Tora) K. Johnson
Southern Watercolor Society Award

Bayou Tranquility
Corky Goldman
Decatur Art Guild Award

The Watering Can
Kathleen Durdin
Georgia Watercolor Society Award

Fruit, Flowers And Wine
Dorothy Balkovetz
Louisiana Watercolor Society Award

Napoleon House
Pio Lyons
Tallahassee Watercolor Society

Home Stand
William C. Morris
Texas Watercolor Society

Matthew Bird
Patron Fine Art Award

Ancient Doorway
Kathryn Lansing Vaughn
Patron Fine Art Award

Deep Down Where The Soul Hums
Diana Toma
Patron Fine Art Award

Sebil Bufe - Istanbul
Iain Stewart
Patron Fine Art Award

Coming Home Late
Elaine Nunnally
Patron Fine Art Award

Candlewick and Grapes
Mollie Jones
Patron Fine Art Award

PC Docks
Steve Taylor
Patron Fine Art Award

A Time To Gogh
J. David Davidson
Patron Fine Art Award

Summer Wind
Jackie Dorsey

Sunset Waters
K. M. McWhorter

Walking into the Season
Keiko Yasuoka

John Anderson

Debra K. Scoggin/Myers

Sgt. Dan CSA
Sondra Carlisle

Iris Spring
Cynthia Massey Parsons

Marilynne Bradley

Big Bird in Central Park
Diane D. Shepherd

Popping Poppies
L. J. (Larry) Michael

Chrome Repose
Sandra Webster

Connery Pond
Sheila Horne

Sarah Scott

Just Winging
Jeannette Corob

Uncle Don's Orchids
Marcy Matherne

Poker Face Sue
Tuva Stephens

Ann Pember

Fallen Sycamore
James Brantley

She Mammaguy- Crucian Carnival Series
Michele Tabor Kimbrough

River Dreams
Martina Dyer

Jared Wade

Full Circle
Gloria Baker

Looking Back at Zion
Larry Hughes

Sailboat Sunset
Jaceena Shepard

Mystic Bench
Walter Costilow

Cool Valley Motel
Johnny Guthrie

Cottage Gate
Scott Brown

Wabi-Sabi Bridge
Barbara Edwards

Friends in My Garden
Carolyn Moseley

Blue X on Orange
John James

A Night At The Fair
Carol Jane White

Near Monterey
Heike Covell

Comfort Food
Charlotte McDavid

Suiting Up
Shirley J. Tucker

Happy Tulips
Deborah Rae Hall

Blue Eyes & Pigtails
Brenda Riggins

Lily on the Table
Sharron Burns

Door at the Foot of the Stairs
Bruce Little

Mary P. Spellings

June Roses
Verena J. Murvin

Takin' A Snow Day
Anne Barbero

Amazon Angler
Helen Thurber

Anastasia XI
Barbara O'Neal Davis

Tree Man
Rebecca McDuffie

Hidden Justice
Susan Stuller

Serenity in South Carolina
Jack Hasson

Chief Andy Brave Dancer
Sherry A. Roy

Just Resting
Harriet Cain

It's A Pansy My Deer
Johanna Littleton

Carol Staub

So Glad
Karen Frattali

Wuhan, China - 2008
Marsha Nelson

Crown of Glory
Ardythe Jolliff

Garden Menagerie
Ellen Jean Diederich

William H. McKeown

The Mail in Good Hands
Kay Stern

Having A Blast
D. A. Allen

End of the Road
Gloria Sampson

City Sunset
Judy Baggett

Old Fisherman's Shack
Dawn Thomas

Sky Pilot
Jane Fritz

The Key To The Fruits Of Our Labor
Keith Jones