76th Annual National Exhibition

April 7, 2017 ~
May 19, 2017
Jemison-Carnegie Heritage Hall
200 South Street, East
Talladega AL, 35160
Selection Juror: Keiko Tanabe
Awards Judge: Ming Franz
Contact: 256-761-1364

Dylan Pierce
Award of Excellence

The Club
Daryl Nicholson
Board of Directors' Award

Top of the Wave
Keiko Yasuoka
Merit Award

Another Thing
Anne Hightower-Patterson
Patron Fine Art Award

Her Majesty
Ardythe Jolliff
Merit Award

Bouy o’ Bouy
William C. Morris
Patron Fine Art Award

Unexpected Visitor
Verena Murvin
Patron Fine Art Award

Strawberry Alley
Chris Krupinski
Patron Fine Art Award

Z.L. Feng
Patron Fine Art Award

Tuva Stephens
Patron Fine Art Award

Sugar Creek
Kathy Butler
Patron Fine Art Award

Beach Feather
Deborah R. Garst
Patron Fine Art Award

Carol Staub
Patron Fine Art Award

Another Day
William H. McKeown
Patron Fine Art Award

Day is Done
E. Jane Stoddard
Patron Fine Art Award

Dog Daze
Diane D. Shepherd
Patron Fine Art Award

Stream River Ocean
Christine Alfery
Patron Fine Art Award

Penny G. Anderson
Patron Fine Art Award

Wild Ones
Ally Benbrook
Patron Fine Art Award

Wary Buffalo
Jane Fritz
Patron Fine Art Award

Washing Clothes
Joan DiLaura
Southern Watercolor Society Award

Deborah Guy
Georgia Watercolor Society Award

Ann Pember
Louisiana Watercolor Society Award

Russian Smoke House Fish
Tora Johnson
Tallahassee Watercolor Society Award

Game Day Packer Fan
Tom Francesconi
Texas Watercolor Society Award

Jewelry Seller
Kathleen Durdin
Signature Members Award

Oh, Aleppo
J. David Davidson
Signature Members Award

Peggy Milburn Brown
Signature Members Award

Railway Express
Sharon B. McCormick
Juried Members Award

Jail Bird
Carol Jane White
Juried Members Award

Orange Bounty
Sondra Carlisle

Evening Tide
Allen Turcotte

Two Pairs and a Spare
Karen Frattali

Gina McGee

Marilynne Bradley

Lynne Kroll

Placa Reial
Iain Stewart

Remnants of a Dream
Diane Schmidt

Leaving Grand Isle
Sandra Carpenter

Alabama Joe Wheeler Cranes
Caroline K. Wang

Jewels in the Water
Arlaine Morrison

To the Pioneer Farm
Gwendolyn C. Bragg

The Window Washer
Susan Stuller

Giving It All
D.A. Allen

Old Age
Marion W. Hylton

Days Gone By
Margaret Murphy Schneider

Sunshine Church
Walt T. Costilow

Joyce Zirlott

Ugandan Boy
Marsha Nelson

In His Own World
Benita Brewer

Life Flows Between Hard Places
Joyce Lowery

Coffee Break
Don Taylor

A Light at the End of the Tunnel
Dennis R. Fakes

Springtime in Romania
George Jackson

Annie Schuchart

Growing Wild
Heike Covell

A Farmers Way
Keith Jones

Greek Orthodox Church
Harriet C. Gibson

Yakiyama 12
Yuri Ozaki

Hannah Brown

Chartres St
Pio Lyons

Pueblo Shadow Blanket
Dawn Thomas

Side Street Blues
Judith F. Aronson

Flying Kites
John E. James

Phantom Chef at Sunset
Philomena Sculco

Strange Bedfellows
Sophie R. Rogers

Boat Repair
Martha M. Matherne

Fall Splendor
Peggy Green Tilly

Come Swim with Me
Cescilia Llorente Fowler

Ascent to the Cathedral
Gloria Baker

Sunday Sail
Frank X. Smith

A Leopard Emerging from the Jungle
Barbara M. Davis

On the Road to Puno
Patricia Hahn

Chimney Rock
Frances C. Ross

The Night the Stars Were Falling
Melinda M. Mathews

Did You See That?
Mary Anne Trovato

Safe in the Arms of Love
Mary P. Spellings

Barbara O’Neal Davis

Permentovi VI
Lynne N. Hardwick

Succulent Garden
Gloria Sampson