2022-23 National Online Showcase

November 15, 2022 ~
February 15, 2023

Strawberries & Cherries
Allan Butt
Award of Excellence

What I Know Now
Kate Aubrey
Board of Directors' Award

Unstitched Shawl
Viviane Van Giesen
First Place

Fractured Rainbows
Suzanne Accetta
Second Place

Norm 2
Sandra Webster
Merit Award

Fishing Downstream
Ronald Lewis
Third Place

Paris Afternoon
Mary Fountain
Merit Award

Inn At St. Cristobal
Bruce Little
Merit Award

Girl in the Red Dress
Marsha Nelson
Merit Award

Mastering Watercolor
Harriet Cain
Merit Award

Jean B. Keller

A New Dawn
Lynne Kroll

The Cat
Han In Huang Wong

Lynne Kroll

John James

Bruce Little

Pio Lyons

The Old Lady
Han In Huang Wong

Life's Music
Janice Matthews

Decadent Dahlia
Ann Pember

Rushing Water
Al Phillips

Juncoes in Snow
Jane Ross

Big Bro' Joe
Mary Spellings

God's Messengers
Dawn Thomas

Shadow on the Waves
Odie Tucker

Promise of Peace
Viviane Van Giesen

Striving: Atlantic Sailfish
Laura Walker

Suzanne Accetta

Modeling Academy
Ellen Jean Diederich

Dreams of Tomorrow
Victoria Alger

War Effort
Lynn Amedy

Another Goodbye
Kate Aubrey

Free #3
Gloria Baker

Anne Barbero

Dock of the Bay
Marilynne Bradley

Crowded Cove
Marilynne Bradley

Manganese Magnolia
Sharron Burns

Jeannette Corob

Hot Shot Thoughts
Walt Costilow

Just Tomatoes
Judi Howard

Saddling Up
Ellen Jean Diederich

Mark and Gamby
Leslie Dunlap

The Lightness of Being
Cathy Dunn

Prickly Pear Fruit
Patrick Faile

Color Block
Lisa Arnold Franklin

Iranian Tourist
Melinda Freeman

Alpine Splendor
Jane Fritz

Cardinal on Fence
Deborah Gerhardt

Corky Goldman

Radnor Lake Reflections
Johnny Guthrie