The Signature and Juried Awards Program is only available through donations.  Only Artists who donate to this Awards Program and who have been selected to exhibit in the current annual  National Exhibition are qualified to receive an award in the category that they are currently registered (membership status of signature or juried) with WSA.  Regardless of what category a member donates to, the artist is qualified to receive an award in the category in which they are registered with WSA.

For example, if you have achieved signature status and donate $50 to the Signature Members Award you would be eligible to receive an award from the Juror only in the Signature category. If you donate to Special Awards (Memorial, Honorary, etc.) or WSA Awards Program under the “OTHER” category you are still qualified to receive an award from the Juror in the Signature Category because you are currently a Signature member. If you donate to awards in all three categories, you will still only be eligible to win an award in the Signature category.

Please note: Donations to the Signature/Juried Award Program does not eliminate you from being eligible for all other WSA awards. This program is self-paid by Signature/Juried members, in addition to the WSA Awards Program.

The Other Donations category provides opportunities for any member to contribute to Special Awards or WSA Awards Program which qualifies exhibiting members for either a Signature or Juried Members Award. Under Other Donations you may also contribute to WSA exhibitions and workshop expenses [National Exhibition and Alabama State Members Showcase (AMS)].

Your help in maintaining WSA excellence of competitions and education in promoting and advancing the art of watercolor painting, is greatly appreciated!

To make your donation, use the form below OR

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