The Watercolor Society of Alabama was organized in 1939 and has been a continuing and vibrant influence in advancing the art of watercolor painting and in contributing to the enrichment of the cultural environment of the citizens of the State of Alabama.The Society is non-profit and is a national organization with a current membership of approximately 300, 150 of who are Alabama residents. A Board of Directors, comprised of volunteer members, guides the Society. The Board of Directors serves two-year terms.Ms. Shirley J. Tucker serves as the current President and Chairs the Board of Directors.Each year the Society sponsors a national juried exhibition and competition, the location of which changes within the State in order to give Alabama residents an opportunity to view the exhibition in their locality. Most recently, the national exhibitions have been held at the Jemison-Carnegie Heritage Hall Museum in Talladega, Alabama, AL, Johnson Center for the Arts, Troy, AL, Littlehouse Galleries, Homewood, AL, Tennessee Valley Art Association, Tuscumbia, AL, Hartselle Fine Arts Center, Hartselle, AL, Carnegie Visual Arts Center, Decatur, AL, Fairhope Arts Center, Fairhope, AL, and Alabama Center for the Arts, Decatur. A reception is held for the opening of the exhibition, to which the public is invited without charge. Artists from every state in the nation enter the competition by submitting images of their entries. A nationally known practicing artist is invited to serve as juror to select the paintings to be included in the exhibition.A nationally recognized judge comes to the site of the exhibition to make his or her selection for the bestowing of awards. The Watercolor Society has been most fortunate in having the continuing support of businesses, art galleries and art organizations which allows it to offer over $9,000 in awards. This attracts the best artists, and the exhibitions represent the best in the field of watercolor painting. The 76th Annual National Exhibition will be held at the Jemison-Carnegie Heritage Hall Museum in Talladega, AL,with the opening reception scheduled for April 9, 2017. Keiko Tanabe, NWS, of Carlsbad, CA is serving as juror for the selection of the exhibition and the awards judge is Ming Franz of Englewood, New Mexico.

In addition to the educational benefits of the national exhibition, the Society sponsors an Alabama member juried showcase each year. The 2017 exhibition will be held at the Littlehouse Galleries in Birmingham, AL in September. WSA also provides for their members water media workshops by prominent US artists. These classes provide an opportunity for members to increase their artistic knowledge and skill. Franz will present a watercolor workshop while she is in Talladega, Alabama to judge the 76 th National Watercolor Exhibition.

The Society has had a significant impact on the arts within the State by encouraging and fostering support of artists working in the field of watercolor. The Society is one of the oldest major watercolor organizations in the nation. Because of the media coverage it receives from national art publications the Society has attracted favorable notice to its commitment to excellence.