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WSA 2017 76th National Exhibition Accepted Artists and Paintings

Artists – please review the acceptance letter and delivery instructions here:   2017 76th acceptance_letter.

Alfery, Christine – “Stream River Ocean”

Allen, D.A. – “Giving It All”

Anderson, Penny G. – “Breezy”

Aronson, Judith F. – “Side Street Blues”

Baker, Gloria – “Ascent To The Cathedral”

Benbrook, Ally – “Wild Ones”

Bradley, Marilynne – “Louvre”

Bragg, Gwendolyn C. – “To The Pioneer Farm – Mt. Vernon”

Brewer, Benita – “In His Own World”

Brown, Hannah – “Sunflowers”

Brown, Peggy Milburn – “Heirlooms”

Butler, Kathy – “Sugar Creek”

Carlisle, Sondra – “Orange Bounty”

Carpenter, Sandra – “Leaving Grand Isle”

Costilow, Walt T. – “Sunshine Church”

Covell, Heike – “Growing Wild”

Davidson, J. David – “Oh, Aleppo”

Davis, Barbara M. – “Leopard Emerging From The Jungle”

Davis, Barbara O’Neal – “Anastasia III”

DiLaura, Joan – “Washing Clothes”

Durdin, Kathleen – “Jewelry Seller”

Fakes, Dennis R. – “Light At The End Of The Tunnel”

Feng, Z. L . – “Emily”

Fowler, Cescilia Llorente – “Come To Swim With Me”

Francesconi, Tom – “Game Day Packer Fan”

Frattali, Karen – “Two Pairs and a Spare”

Fritz, Jane – “Wary Buffalo”

Garst, Deborah R. – “Beach Feather”

Gibson, Harriet C. – “Greek Orthodox Church”

Guy, Deborah – “Escaped”

Hahn, Patricia – “On The Road To Puno, Peru”

Hardwick, Lynne N. – “Permenito, VI”

Hightower-Patterson, Anne – “…Another Thing”

Hylton, Marion W. – “Old Age”

Jackson, George – “Springtime in Romania”

James, John E. – “Flying Kites”

Johnson, Tora – “Russian Smoke House Fish”

Jolliff, Ardythe – “Her Majesty”

Jones, Keith – “A Farmer’s Way”

Kroll, Lynne – “Star Bright”

Krupinski, Chris – “Strawberry Alley”

Lowery, Joyce – “Life Flows Between Hard Places”

Lyons, Pio – “Chartres St.”

Matherne, Martha M. – “Boat Repair”

Mathews, Melinda M. – “The Night The Stars Were Falling”

McCormick, Sharon – “Railway Express”

McGee, Gina – “Lurking”

McKeown, William H – “Another Day”

Morris, William C. – “Bouy o’ Bouy”

Morrison, Arlaine – “Jewels In The Water X”

Murvin, Verena J. – “Unexpected Visitor”

Nelson, Marsha – “Ugandan Boy”

Nicholson, Daryl – “The Club”

Ozaki, Yuri – “Yakiyama #12”

Pember, Ann – “Phlox”

Pierce, Dylan Scott – “Uplifted”

Rogers, Sophie R. – “Strange Bedfellows”

Ross, Frances – “Chimney Rock”

Sampson, Gloria – “Succulent Garden”

Schmidt, Diane – “Remnants of a Dream”

Schneider, Margaret Murphy – “Days Gone By”

Schuchart, Annie – “Songbird”

Sculco, Philomena – “Phantom Chef At Sunset”

Shepherd, Diane D. – “Dog Daze”

Smith, Frank X. – “Sunday Sail”

Spellings, Mary P. – “Safe In The Arms of Love”

Staub, Carol – “Pathway”

Stephens, Tuva – “Reminiscing”

Stewart, Iain – “ The Placa Reial – Barcelona”

Stoddard, E. Jane – “Day Is Done”

Stuller, Susan M. – “The Window Washer”

Taylor, Don – “Coffee Break”

Thomas, Dawn – “Pueblo Shadow Blanket”

Tilly, Peggy Green – “Fall Splendor”

Trovato, Mary Anne – “Did You See That?”

Turcotte, Allen – “Evening Tide”

Wang, Caroline K. – “Alabama Joe Wheeler Cranes”

White, Carol Jane – “Jail Bird”

Yasuoka, Keiko – “Top Of The Wave”

Zirlott, Joyce – “Roxie”


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