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WSA 75TH National Exhibition 2016 Prospectus


Click on the link and the prospectus should come up in another window then you should  be able to download or print them.




2 thoughts on “WSA 75TH National Exhibition 2016 Prospectus

  1. Tried it. When I go to ‘click here’ nothing happens.

  2. When I click on the “click here” button, nothing happens. If I click on “please read more of this post”, it takes me to the “click here” button that will take me then to the Prospectus. Do we have to go thru all of these steps? Most artists would give up if they couldn’t get to the Prospectus when the “first click here button” doesn’t provide the prospectus. Why doesn’t the “first click here” button take you to the prospectus?

    Sorry, I just don’t understand.