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WSA 2017 76th National Exhibition Accepted Artists and Paintings

Artists – please review the acceptance letter and delivery instructions here:   2017 76th acceptance_letter.

Alfery, Christine – “Stream River Ocean”

Allen, D.A. – “Giving It All”

Anderson, Penny G. – “Breezy”

Aronson, Judith F. – “Side Street Blues”

Baker, Gloria – “Ascent To The Cathedral”

Benbrook, Ally – “Wild Ones”

Bradley, Marilynne – “Louvre”

Bragg, Gwendolyn C. – “To The Pioneer Farm – Mt. Vernon”

Brewer, Benita – “In His Own World”

Brown, Hannah – “Sunflowers”

Brown, Peggy Milburn – “Heirlooms”

Butler, Kathy – “Sugar Creek”

Carlisle, Sondra – “Orange Bounty”

Carpenter, Sandra – “Leaving Grand Isle”

Costilow, Walt T. – “Sunshine Church”

Covell, Heike – “Growing Wild”

Davidson, J. David – “Oh, Aleppo”

Davis, Barbara M. – “Leopard Emerging From The Jungle”

Davis, Barbara O’Neal – “Anastasia III”

DiLaura, Joan – “Washing Clothes”

Durdin, Kathleen – “Jewelry Seller”

Fakes, Dennis R. – “Light At The End Of The Tunnel”

Feng, Z. L . – “Emily”

Fowler, Cescilia Llorente – “Come To Swim With Me”

Francesconi, Tom – “Game Day Packer Fan”

Frattali, Karen – “Two Pairs and a Spare”

Fritz, Jane – “Wary Buffalo”

Garst, Deborah R. – “Beach Feather”

Gibson, Harriet C. – “Greek Orthodox Church”

Guy, Deborah – “Escaped”

Hahn, Patricia – “On The Road To Puno, Peru”

Hardwick, Lynne N. – “Permenito, VI”

Hightower-Patterson, Anne – “…Another Thing”

Hylton, Marion W. – “Old Age”

Jackson, George – “Springtime in Romania”

James, John E. – “Flying Kites”

Johnson, Tora – “Russian Smoke House Fish”

Jolliff, Ardythe – “Her Majesty”

Jones, Keith – “A Farmer’s Way”

Kroll, Lynne – “Star Bright”

Krupinski, Chris – “Strawberry Alley”

Lowery, Joyce – “Life Flows Between Hard Places”

Lyons, Pio – “Chartres St.”

Matherne, Martha M. – “Boat Repair”

Mathews, Melinda M. – “The Night The Stars Were Falling”

McCormick, Sharon – “Railway Express”

McGee, Gina – “Lurking”

McKeown, William H – “Another Day”

Morris, William C. – “Bouy o’ Bouy”

Morrison, Arlaine – “Jewels In The Water X”

Murvin, Verena J. – “Unexpected Visitor”

Nelson, Marsha – “Ugandan Boy”

Nicholson, Daryl – “The Club”

Ozaki, Yuri – “Yakiyama #12”

Pember, Ann – “Phlox”

Pierce, Dylan Scott – “Uplifted”

Rogers, Sophie R. – “Strange Bedfellows”

Ross, Frances – “Chimney Rock”

Sampson, Gloria – “Succulent Garden”

Schmidt, Diane – “Remnants of a Dream”

Schneider, Margaret Murphy – “Days Gone By”

Schuchart, Annie – “Songbird”

Sculco, Philomena – “Phantom Chef At Sunset”

Shepherd, Diane D. – “Dog Daze”

Smith, Frank X. – “Sunday Sail”

Spellings, Mary P. – “Safe In The Arms of Love”

Staub, Carol – “Pathway”

Stephens, Tuva – “Reminiscing”

Stewart, Iain – “ The Placa Reial – Barcelona”

Stoddard, E. Jane – “Day Is Done”

Stuller, Susan M. – “The Window Washer”

Taylor, Don – “Coffee Break”

Thomas, Dawn – “Pueblo Shadow Blanket”

Tilly, Peggy Green – “Fall Splendor”

Trovato, Mary Anne – “Did You See That?”

Turcotte, Allen – “Evening Tide”

Wang, Caroline K. – “Alabama Joe Wheeler Cranes”

White, Carol Jane – “Jail Bird”

Yasuoka, Keiko – “Top Of The Wave”

Zirlott, Joyce – “Roxie”


WSA 2017 Annual Exhibition Prospectus

The 2017 Annual Exhibition will be here before you know it!  Have you started your painting?  If not you have time to get it done and entered.  Find out all the details by downloading the prospectus.

To Download the prospectus click on wsa-2017-annual-exhibition-prospectus and it will open in a new window you will be able to download and print it out.

Happy Painting!

2016 Alabama Members Show Information

201 Monroe Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-1800
334 242-4076; staff@arts.alabama.gov
September 11 through October 28, 2016


Don Andrews is a nationally known watercolor artist and workshop instructor. He has conducted painting workshops throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Africa for over 30 years.  Don is an active member and past board director of the American Watercolor Society. His paintings have received
numerous awards in national watercolor competitions, including three awards from the American Watercolor Society, and two Best of Show awards from the New England Watercolor Society. Don is the author of the books, “Interpreting the Figure in Watercolor”, “Interpreting the Landscape in Watercolor” and “Rough Sketches: Short Stories of a Traveling Artist”. He has also created two DVD workshop sets that are based on what he teaches in a full week workshop: one on painting figures and one set painting landscapes, as well as his DVD, “Making Watercolor Glow” taken from his original video. He is also featured in the Watson Guptill publication “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Watercolor” and North Light’s new book, “Confident Color” and has had numerous feature articles published in American Artist magazine, and the Watercolor issue of American Artist. donandrewsaws@yahoo.com.


Lian Quan Zhen is a sought-after watercolor and Chinese painting artist and teacher in the US and abroad. He is one of the most popular authors of North Light Books. He started sketching and painting in his childhood and continue as hobby while practicing medicine as a family physician in Canton Province, China. After immigrating to
the US in 1985, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of California at Berkeley in 1992 and a Master of Architecture Degree from MIT in 1996. He has many shows in the US, Hong Kong and China and developed an international following. His paintings hang in numerous institutional and private collections including the MIT Museum that has collected 14 of his paintings. His art teaching credentials include at the University of California at Berkeley where he taught watercolor outdoor sketching for 8 years; watercolor and Chinese painting workshops nationwide in US, and other countries in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, China, South Africa and Australia. Also, Lian has been an invited juror for California, Colorado, New Mexico, Georgia, Arizona and Kentucky Watercolor Societies’ exhibitions and other local shows.. lianzhen@yahoo.com


WSA will sponsor a workshop by the Awards Judge, Lian Quan Zhen at

The Armory Learning Arts Center located at
1018 Madison Ave, Montgomery, AL 36104 (334 241 2787).

His paintings are featured in magazines such as
Watercolor 94 Spring, Splash4, Collectors (Hong Kong) and books of Landscape on Watercolor (UK), Finding Your Visual Voice and Painter’s Quick Reference books by North Light Books: Flowers and Blooms, Dogs and Cats, Birds and Butterflies, Landscapes and Drawing and Painting Animals – the Essential Guide. (Members – $350; Non-Members $380.) For workshop information contact: Lyn Gill: lyn.gill1@gmail.com 251-867-9573


Jul 8- CD/E-Mail Entries Received by WSA (DEADLINE)
July 18 – Juror Selection Begins
Aug 3 – Notifications of Acceptance Posted on Web/Shipping Instructions Sent
Aug 23 – 26 – Shipped Work Due at Alabama State Council for the Arts (ASCA)
Aug 27 (Sat)- Hand Carried Work Due (10:00AM-2:00PM) – ASCA
Aug 27 (Sat)– Annual Member’s Meeting – 2:00 – 3:00 PM – ASCA
Sep 8-10 (Thur-Sat) Workshop with Lian Quan Zhen (9:00AM-4:00PM) – The Armory, Montgomery, AL
Sep 11 (Sun) – Award Ceremony and Opening Reception – (2:30PM-4: 30PM) – ASCA Gallery
Oct 29 (Sat)- Paintings to be picked up (The hanging committee must check out hand-carried paintings.)
Oct 31 – Paintings packaged to be shipped

Download Prospectus Below

2016 annual members show prospectus

WSA 76th National Show Prospectus Available


76th Annual National Exhibition

April 7 – May 19, 2017

Jemison-Carnegie Heritage Hall

200 South Street, East

Talladega, AL 35160



JUROR OF SELECTION The 76th exhibition Selection Juror is KEIKO TANABE. Keiko Tanabe is an award winning artist and signature member of the National Watercolor Society. Often working en plein air, her atmospheric watercolors perfectly capture a sense of time and place. Through her use of color, textures, and signature brushwork, Keiko’s landscapes and cityscapes beautifully convey both the exotic and the simple scenes of the many places she travels.  Keiko works to capture light and atmosphere in her paintings, through simplification. She believes that the process of simplification begins with visualization. In representational art, the ability to see the end result of a painting, through the mind’s eye, is instrumental in realizing our own artistic vision. Through various exercises and step-by-step demonstrations, Keiko shows how one can take the initial inspiration, through the simplification process, to an expressive painting that is strong in composition and content.  http://www.ktanabefineart.com

AWARDS JUDGE  The 76th Exhibition Awards Judge is MING FRANZ.  She was born in the southern Taiwan and grew up on a sugar plantation where her father worked as a steam engine engineer.  When she was eight, she started painting with her neighbor, Mr. Tsai, an art teacher.  She later studied with masters of traditional Chinese painting. She continued her art studies at community colleges where she resided in the US. In the 90’s she studied traditional “Splash Ink” with Master Paul Pei Ren Hau.

WORKSHOP Ming Franz specializes in splash color painting, which combines primary watercolors with Chinese ink and brush. In recent years she has experimented with splashing acrylic on watercolor paper and panel. After years experimenting with Splashing, she began to better understand abstract painting. Ming enjoys creating abstract paintings now and has decided to continue exploring this exciting way of  expressing herself. She was the Grand Prize Winner of International Artist magazine’s challenge Abstract /Experimental Art and the author of “Splash Ink with Watercolor.” (Members – $350; Non-Members $380.) For workshop information contact: Jaceena Shepard: jaeshep@aol.com or 256 810 9240.


Jan 18        Entry Deadline

Jan 26        Juror Selection Begins

Feb 13       Notification of Acceptance Posted on Web/Instructions

Mar 13-17  Shipped  Work Due at Heritage Hall

Mar  18       Hand Carried Work Due

Apr 6,7,8     Workshop By Ming Franz

Apr  6        Demo by Ming Franz

Apr  9        Awards Ceremony/Opening Reception

May  19     Show Ends

May  20     Hand Carried Pick Up

May  22     Paintings Packaged for Shipment

Click HERE to view or download the complete prospectus