The Watercolor Society of Alabama

Watercolor Society of Alabama began in 1939 with an exciting vision to promote, create and inspire painters in the art of watercolor media. We embrace that vision by holding juried watercolor competitions each year: WSA Annual National Exhibition, Statewide Alabama Members Showcase, and Online Showcase.

We offer workshops taught by nationally and internationally known artists. Vibrant Newsletters, published quarterly, keep members informed and connected.

National Online Showcase ’24

Award Winners

83rd WSA National Exhibition

June 1, 2024 ~
June 28, 2024
The Kelly Fitzpatrick Center for the Arts
301 Hill St

Wetumpka AL 36092

Selection Juror: Matthew Bird
Awards Judge: Iain Stewart AWS/NWS
Contact: 334-478-3366


83rd WSA National Exhibition


Mar 26Entry DEADLINE (online entry required)

Apr 5Selection Juror Begins

Apr 19 – Artists Accepted List/Acceptance Letter with Shipping Instructions posted on Web

May 14-17Shipped Work Due at the Kelly Fitzpatrick Gallery 

May 18 – Hand Carried Work Due/hanging (10:00AM – 1:00PM)

May 30 – Jun 1 – Workshop with (9:30AM – 4:00PM) By Iain Stewart

Jun 2 – WSA Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony (1:00PM – 3:00PM))

Jun 28 – Exhibition Closes

Jun 29 – Hand Carried Paintings to be picked up (10:00AM – 1:00PM)

Jun 29-Jul 3Paintings packaged, and shipping begins.

Juror of Selection

Matthew Bird

Matthew Bird is an American painter. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, he graduated with honors from the Pratt Institute of Art in Brooklyn, New York, in 2000. He is a Signature Member of numerous organizations, including the National Watercolor Society where he served as vice president, and his award-winning watercolor paintings have been exhibited in juried shows across the United States, as well as in Canada, China, England, Greece, Hong Kong, and Italy. His work is in permanent museum collections as well as numerous private collections.

Matthew has been featured in Fine Art Connoisseur magazine as one of “Today’s Masters” (Feb. & Oct. 2018, Feb. & April 2019), American Art Collector (Issue 158, 171), International Artist Magazine (No. 129 Oct./Nov.) Watercolor Magazine “Year’s Best Paintings” (2019, 2020, 2022) and as “One To Watch” (Dec. 2017), The Artist’s Magazine (July/August 2017), The Art Of Watercolour magazine (Issue 32), and the Splash-Best of Watercolor book series.

A sought-after teacher, Matthew has also been a contributing writer to numerous publications, including Realism Today, Fine Art Today, Artists on Art, and American Watercolor Weekly.

For 15 years he worked as a designer and art director in advertising agencies, specializing in non-profit fundraising. As an illustrator, he has five children’s books published and his paintings have been used as greeting cards for The Smithsonian Institution, National Geographic, and the National Audubon Society, among others.

Matthew lives with his wife and children outside Baltimore, where he maintains his studio.

Awards Judge

Iain Stewart AWS/NWS

Iain Stewart is a Scots born watercolor artist and a signature member of the American and National Watercolor Societies among other state and international entities. He has also recently been inducted into the Whiskey Painters of America. 

His work has received numerous awards in international competition and hangs in many corporate and private collections.

Iain is a sought-after watercolor instructor and juror and has been published in numerous books and periodicals. He has just finished production of his 5th instructional DVD.  In 2021 his first book on painting; En Plein Air- Light and Color, was published. 

Iain maintains a studio near Auburn University in Alabama, and in addition to gallery work, is an Architectural Illustrator with an international clientele and has taught watercolor and design drawing at Auburn University where he received his degree in Architecture.   

Iain is an International Brand Ambassador for:

Escoda Brushes

Daniel Smith Watercolors

Stillman & Birn Sketchbook


Iain Stewart AWS/NWS

Iain Stewart has traveled and taught around the world, always with a sketchbook with him. This workshop will build upon those skills while exploring and painting the land, sea, and sky. (WSA members $425; Non-WSA members; $450) For workshop information contact Carolyn Wilder (770-710-1166) The workshop will be held at the Kelly Fitzpatrick Center for the Arts. The workshop will be limited to 15 students.

Accepted Artists
and Paintings

  1. Accetta, Suzanne — Healing Praise
  2. Adams, Dianne — Moroccan Babouches
  3. Amedy, Lynn — Tucson Nights
  4. Anderson, Rick — Take The Long Way Home
  5. Arnold Franklin, Lisa — Angle Moves
  6. Austin, Alexis (Lexie) — Reaching Out
  7. Baker, Gloria — Protected Freedom
  8. Barbero, Anne — The White Door
  9. Beadle, Kristine — Aspen Colors
  10. Bradley, Marilynne — Pier Pressure
  11. Brewer, Benita — Winter Stragglers
  12. Brown, Scott — Evening, Oceanside Harbor
  13. Brunk, Clara — Velvet Mullein
  14. Butt, Allan — The Corner Table
  15. Carlisle, Sondra — Who Ate My Apple
  16. Carpenter, Sandra — Country Home
  17. Costilow, Walt — Check Six
  18. Cox, JoAnn — Start Again
  19. Dameron, Tom — Nature’s Beauty
  20. Dauphin, Evelyn — Portrait of Azetc Wisdom
  21. Davis, Barbara O’NealSnooze
  22. Delk, Mitchell — Meet Me At The Fountain
  23. DiLaura, Joan — Knight To The Rescue
  24. Eldridge, Patricia — As The Raven Flies
  25. Feng, Z L — Snow Forest
  26. Fogarty, Lyn — Stella
  27. Fountain, Mary — Sunday Concert
  28. Freeman, Melinda — Motorcycle Swap
  29. Fritz, Jane — Armored Beauty
  30. Gardner, David — Backpack Boy
  31. Garst, Deborah — Summer’s Powdered Down
  32. Garst, Steve — Saint Andrews Blue
  33. Goldman, Corky — Serenity Marina
  34. Guy, Deborah — A Breath Of Fresh Air
  35. Harrell, Lisz — Fruits Of The Third Coast
  36. Hicks, Travis — Staring Down Relapse
  37. Highers, Charlotte — Smashing Pumpkins
  38. James, John — Fire Inside
  39. Jernigan, Drew — Sugar Rush
  40. Johansen, Marilyn — Pelican Squadron
  41. Johnson, Tora — Reflections
  42. Judy, Gina — Ballet Series VII: All Dressed
  43. Krupinski, Christine — Put A Different Spin On It
  44. Lewis, Ronald — Monhegan
  45. Lyons, Pio — Esplanade Ave.
  46. McDuffie, Rebecca — Grumpy Old Man
  47. McGuire, Laura Lake — Ends Of The Earth
  48. McKeown, William — Troubadour
  49. Michael, Larry — Ryan’s Hallelujah
  50. Morrison, Arlaine — Storm Approaching
  51. Paden, Nancy M. — Drifting On Emerald Waters
  52. Parker, Richard — Ring Toss
  53. Pember, Ann — Amiable Amaryllis
  54. Poole, Carol S. — At The Botanic
  55. Repolt Rogers, Sophie— Day’s End
  56. Riggins, Brenda — Telling War Stories
  57. Robertson, Rick — Winchester Shadows
  58. Ross Reed, Jane — Torii Gate To Heaven
  59. Salminen, John — Shenjiang Barber
  60. Sampson, Gloria — Potting Day Self Portrait
  61. Spellings, Mary — Regrets
  62. Stephens, Tuva — Safe and Secure
  63. Stoddard, E. Jane — Wash Line, Tuscany
  64. Stuller, Susan M. — Hello Friends
  65. Sudhi, Sujit — Light On The Barn
  66. Taylor, Don — Linked In – CFB
  67. Thomas, Dawn C. — Hands Of A Potter
  68. Tucker, Odie — Morning Light On The Reef
  69. Vaughn, Kathryn — Gospel & Beignets
  70. Walker, Christine — Peddling Petals
  71. Watson, Gail — Funky Fungi
  72. Webber, Cleve — Tribute To Nat King Cole
  73. Weintraub, Melody — Still Standin
  74. Wenrich, Kathy — Fresh Sushi
  75. Wheelehan, Michael — Abandoned Chug
  76. White, Carol Jane — Fun In The Sky
  77. Whittaker, Bill — Church of St. Peter Madrid
  78. Wilder, Carolyn — Monte – Fly Fishing Guide
  79. Wong, Han In Huang — Expectation
  80. Yasuoka, Keiko — Blooming into Spring